I am a electronics engineer and must warn those that get your so-called reports that they are erroneous at many levels. You are not qualified to say anything as you are nothing more than a meter reader with numerous misconceptions that is not your fault because you have been misled. Example is the Ghram-Setzler dirty electricity paper is based on false assumptions and no real science. It has been ridiculed by engineers. Do not cite is as it is garbage. You will wind up in trouble writing about the misconceptions on the web.

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Another good read.

On the subject of CRTs, as far back as I could remember I could always hear a "tube" TV's high-pitched squeal when it was on. Once as a child I began to investigate this sound because I noticed it did not come from the speaker, and I could seemingly hear it through walls without any reduction in volume. No matter how far away I was from a TV or how many doors I shut, to my bewilderment I could hear it anywhere in the house. Funny to look back on now, as a little kid I was unknowingly already trying to mitigate my EMF exposure (and failing miserably).

EMFs are weird.

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